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"Thank God for NOXICARE!! It works. I had so much pain in my feet from diabetes that I could not get to sleep at night without taking something only to wake up a few hours later writhing in pain. My husband bought something from the drugstore for $20 but all it did was to stink up my room so that I could not breathe. Icy Hot worked the first day and then I found myself re-applying every hour. I took a chance and ordered NOXICARE cream from after using it for two days, I could sleep straight through the night with no pain. I feel so good I ordered the capsules a few days ago. I consider you a genius for having made this product. My husband loves the fact that the ingredients are all-natural. I have already recommended it to a friend. Thanks again."
—Donna M. Greene


"I love NOXICARE! This product is great for all ages. We sell this product to the elderly and the young. Due to having no odor, people love this product. It also last about 8 hours before having to re-apply, where other products only last about 4 hours. I highly recommend this product."
—Melissa- Office Manager
    Booneville Chiropractic Clinic


"NOXICARE provides immediate and lasting pain relief for stiffness and nerve pain caused by arthritis; coccygodynia; neck pain; cervical and lumbar disc displacement; fibromyalgia and other ailments. Pain relief is instant after application of cream. In June 2012, I was in an automobile accident- hit from behind while stopped at a red light. The severe neck injury and treatments caused acute pain. NOXICARE provided pain relief sufficient enough for me to lower narcotic meds at nighttime. The only suggestion for improvement is to eliminate the staining caused by turmeric in the product. Both the lotion and pills have provided organic safe pain relief. Thank you!!"
—Gwynne Wicks


"Two thumbs up for Noxicare's natural pain relief cream. My favorite part about this natural pain reliever is that it is odorless. No smell means no after smell left on my shirt."
—Kim Croisant


"I turned to move and suddenly realized, the pain was totally gone! That really shocked me. Plus, it stayed gone, the pain didn't come back the next morning like I would have expected."
—Charlene Hertzberg


"I love the fact that it's odorless, non-greasy, and really works!"
—Christy R.


"I applied the Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream on my left shoulder and noticed immediately that there was no smell and no burning sensation either!"
—Priceless Product Reviews


"I used the cream on the muscle on his leg and said that not long after the 1st application, he could feel the relief. I used it one more time before bed and by morning, the muscle felt tremendously better."
—Rebecca Ortiz


"The smell is great and not strong and it doesn't smell like medicine like some products on the market. I have been having pain on my side so I decided to try it and it it worked well with one application."
—Brian Jacobs


"My husband is getting great results with the Noxicare and feels that it has reduced his pain by at least 60% and for him that is a huge improvement. I am also using the Noxicare and getting great results too! When my carpal tunnel syndrome acts up (a few times a week), I would estimate that about 85% of my forearm and wrist pain disappears."
—Shelly Aiken


"Some days my hands hurt so bad I can hardly do anything. Especially after a full day of blogging. The cream worked really nice - it took the sting out of the pain. Anyone with arthritis knows what I mean by the sting! Noxicare is non-gressy and odorless! A product that is natural and a WIN WIN for me! "
—Regina Procter


"I am thankful to have your product to keep me going pain free!"
Nikki Crawford, 43, is the epitome of fitness, having been crowned the new Ms. Fitness USA Champion in August 2010. Nikki works out often and occasionally suffers from neck and lower back pain. "I wanted to thank you for sponsoring the Ms Fitness USA contestants with your Noxicare product. I am one of the older contestants and a mother of three children. I have my share of aches and pains and love your product. I was excited to be named the Ms Fitness USA Champion this year! I am so thankful to have your product to use to keep me going pain free."


"It was very soothing."
After having his right foot amputated, D. Brooks, 48, continued to experience phantom pain. Hesitant to try more aggressive pain management treatments, he turned to Noxicare. The results were immediate, he says. "I was able to relax at night, without the usual pain." Brooks likes the ease of a cream, which he can also apply during the day.


"It worked very well. It's an excellent product and easy to use."
Banker G. Jagne's life changed last year when his car was hit by a bus, injuring his neck, lower back and wrist. After treatment and therapy, he continued to suffer painful spasms and swelling, while his wrist pain hindered his job as a financial specialist. "I need my wrist to work. After using Noxicare, I was able to twist it for the first time."


"The relief happened immediately. It was the most amazing thing."
G. McCormick, 67, thought that his rotator cuff surgery would improve his life, but the lingering pain frustrated his recovery. Disk degeneration from an old ski injury to his neck didn't help matters. "Noxicare made it less painful, so I could go through with the rehabilitation I needed," he says.


"Noxicare cream is so good. It relieved my surgery pain and I would absolutely recommend it."
P. Climenson, 50, lived with nearly constant lower back and leg pain ever since the removal of a tumor near her spine. "Dr. Ghorbani said he had something he wanted me to try, a cream." Climenson used the cream 3-4 times a day. " I just rubbed it on my back and legs and it wasn't sticky or odorous. Best of all, it actually relieved my pain when percocet and methadone alone weren't doing the job. It really works!"


"I have told many about your magic cream."
Pilates instructor CC Martin was suffering both from constant pain and anxiety over how it would affect her business. After acupuncture and chiropractic treatment brought fleeting results, she tried Noxicare, which allowed her to get a good night of sleep. After a few more days, it reduced the inflammation enough to address the root cause. She continues to use it, and recommend it to her clients.


"It helps me maintain an active life."
J. Collins, 46, enjoyed an active lifestyle that included running and tennis, until a pulled calf muscle threatened to change all that. Medical treatment and therapy had limited impact.  Noxicare "took the pain away," says the retired Navy SEAL, "and it enabled me to do all the other things to heal, like stretching, exercising and strengthening."


" It really helped. I was pleasantly surprised."
As a nurse anesthetist, L. Knotts, 42, was well aware of her options for controlling the acute pain in her knees after exercise. She chose Noxicare, because "I did not want to take pain pills forever." Required to run as a military reservist, Knotts found the solution that works best for her


"The relief was tremendous.  I was very pleased and very thankful."
M. Catakis, 96, suffers from bursitis and arthritis. After using Noxicare, she was able to raise her arm for the first time in years. It also helps keep her fingers relaxed. Before trying it, "nothing worked," she says


"I can't thank you enough for inventing this wonderful product."
Lisa S. of Boston, Massachusetts, had been experiencing pain in both knees for two years. The pain limited her ability to stand for long periods of time and made her less confident about walking. "I tried Noxicare cream a couple of weeks ago and I now have almost no pain in my knees and I'm able to stand longer and walk longer distances with complete confidence!" As a big fan of natural products, Lisa was pleased that Noxicare is made from natural ingredients and can be used everyday without having to worry about unpleasant side effects. "I can't thank you enough for inventing this wonderful product and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone I know who suffers from musculoskeletal pain."


"Thanks to Noxicare, pain no longer interferes with my job."
For years, Elizabeth K. of Alexandria, Virginia suffered from CMC arthritis on her right thumb, which caused her a great deal of pain. Recently, it became so painful that she began wearing a splint to work. "As a nurse anesthetist; it's hard to work that way. I tried Noxicare cream and it started to help after just a few days. After a week, the pain was pretty much gone! Thanks to Noxicare, I don't wear splints anymore and pain doesn't interfere with my job."


"Noxicare is a strong seller in our pharmacy."
"We've been carrying Noxicare cream for about three months now and it is selling very well.  In fact, we've had people come back to buy Noxicare 2-3 times, which is a sign that a product works and is in demand.  We're now selling the capsules as well and our customers like them."
—Hossein Ejtemai, Owner
Brookville Pharmacy/Knowles Apothecary
Chevy Chase, MD


"I applied the Noxicare cream every few hours to my entire neck area. The next morning my pain was 99 percent gone."
Sarah F. of Frederick, MD, recently had a rude awakening. Upon waking one morning, she felt the muscle on the right part of her neck "pop" near her skull and in an instant experienced piercing pain. "The pain happened all of a sudden. It felt like charley horses going down my neck if I turned my head the wrong way. This had never happened to me before—it was intense." She took Tylenol to ease the pain initially, but was wary about ingesting too much of the drug as her pain persisted. "I dropped by Dr. Ghorbani's office to ask him for help, and he suggested I try Noxicare. I applied the Noxicare cream every few hours to my entire neck area. The next morning my pain was 99 percent gone. I appreciated the fact that I used no medication to alleviate the pain (other than an initial dose of Tylenol before I was introduced to Noxicare) the day it happened."

Testimonials from Clinical Results

"The pain relief is immediate following application" — R. B.

"I didn't know what to expect, but I really noticed the difference" — K. F.

"The product was easy to use and odor-free" — E. J.

"I have recently had knee surgery and have been using Everflex Pain Cream (Nature's Sunshine Product) &  Traumeel (Heel Product) prior to receiving your sample. Your product works better than the Traumeel. — N. P.

"I liked that it did not have a smell" — C. A.

"I was pleased with the product" — R. S.

"Worked well. I used it on my hands since this is where I had stiffness and pain, which is now gone" — C. K.


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